July 30th 2008 - Acrylic Present

Last Sunday (July 27th 2008) was the Farewell-Party of one of my school friends. She is going to Tanzania, Africa for one year and works there in an orphanage. I like her very much though our friendship never got that strong like I wished it to be...
I was thinking about a good present for her but I had no ideas. On Saturday I finally found a solution! So I painted a portrait of her in acrylic. I had to be very fast because I couldn't start painting before Sunday morning! I finished the work within 2,5 hours! Wow! Never thought I could be that fast! Well, later I've got some doubts because some people said she looks too unfeminine on my work... (Now I think its because of the nose! Stupid me! >_<) Nevertheless I hope she is still happy about my farewell-present.
Good bye Frisch!

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30.7.08 10:28

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