July 30th 2008 - Acrylic Present

Last Sunday (July 27th 2008) was the Farewell-Party of one of my school friends. She is going to Tanzania, Africa for one year and works there in an orphanage. I like her very much though our friendship never got that strong like I wished it to be...
I was thinking about a good present for her but I had no ideas. On Saturday I finally found a solution! So I painted a portrait of her in acrylic. I had to be very fast because I couldn't start painting before Sunday morning! I finished the work within 2,5 hours! Wow! Never thought I could be that fast! Well, later I've got some doubts because some people said she looks too unfeminine on my work... (Now I think its because of the nose! Stupid me! >_<) Nevertheless I hope she is still happy about my farewell-present.
Good bye Frisch!

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My name is Lenupet and as you can see this is my wonderful blog! I created this one to talk about my ideas and projects I'm going to work on or just to write down my thoughts and some things that inspired me. So If you are interessted in my artwork this page could be something for you! Also vistit my homepage and some other pages where I'm active:
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PS. Sorry for my faulty english skills. It's not my native language so be nice and don't mind. (I'm trying my best! xD)
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